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“OK, although I have partaken in the odd beer or three over years, I need to hand over to my husband who has far more experience than me on this subject!".


"Firstly, let me explain the non-usage of the word b**r throughout this page!


In 2021 the Mauritian Government banned the use of the word in advertising and marketing as they have begun a national action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol in Mauritius. So instead we will use the word brew. 

I'm not here to advertise alcohol but just to give you some insight as to 'brews' history here, what's on offer if you are coming to visit or live here (as I know I'm always interested) and what's going in the Mauritius 'brewing' world."



Mauritius 'brew' has been produced and distributed on the island since 1963 and the market largely dominated by its manufacturer who is the largest brewer on the island. 

In the last few year two craft brew companies have established themselves and have a growing reputation and fan base. 

Is there anything more appealing than lazing on a white sandy beach with a cool bottle of brew by your side? Personally, I think not!  


Mauritius could easily be at the top of the list of places you want to visit, and with it's impressive range of home grown brews being on offer you could easily find a new favourite.


Incase you missed it, this is one of my favourite brew reviews on YouTube which is someone trying to critique helium b**r!


Hilarious, enjoy.



Thankfully the island has developed a taste for craft b**rs, with several producers now coming to the fore with new offerings. 

I must say, the quality of brewing on the island is generally impressive, and what's more impressive, is that there is evidently a desire to improve on what's already here. 

If you take into account the population of the island stands approximately at 1.2 million people and approximately 1.4 million tourists per year with an average 10 day visit it, would equate to circa 1.25 million people on the island every day of the year. This is only the equivalent size of Birmingham in the UK or Port Elizabeth in SA and to have three companies on the island fully committed to providing craft brews is incredible.

I've been to many places and tried many brews outside the UK, USA and Germany, Mauritius has been the next in line. I have no gripes about access to quality brew making here in Mauritius, in fact many Countries should be very jealous!


mauritius-life writes to its friends every few weeks with updates and news



Below mis a list of beers you will find on most supermarket shelves and their associated costs as of 08/09/2022

Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 17.02.15.png


Tasting sessions are offered by a number of the 'brew' manufacturers. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to provide links to these events or any contact details but if you are interested just let us know in the link below and we can send the information directly to you."


1. A quick sniff and a quick look
It is important to pour a b**r into the proper glass so its aromas can be released. Once it is poured, quickly move the glass under your nose and inhale. Think of it as a ‘drive by’ sniff, so you can get a sense of the brew’s flavour profile.

During this drive by, you should look at the brew’s clarity and color. The colors will tell you a lot about the taste of the brew. Light or pale ales are grainy, amber ones taste toasty, brown has roasted nut and chocolate flavors, and black-colored quaffs offer burnt toast and coffee flavors.

2. Swirl it
Hold your hand over your glass and give the brew a light swirl. This will release the true aromas, allowing you to get a deeper scent. Afterwards, go ahead and inhale.

3. Take a sip with the front part of your tongue, and hold the brew in your mouth for a few seconds
This will give you a full bodied taste of all the different aspects of the brew. Use this time to identify the more subtle notes, and you may taste cloves, fruit, caramel, coffee, or oak.

4. Take a large sip directly to the back of your throat
This will give you an impression of how the brew tastes when you drink it regularly. You should be able to identify the broad flavours, whether the brew is acidic, salty, sweet, or bitter.

5. Enjoy your brew
Now that the hard work is done, go ahead and enjoy that beautiful brew in front of you!



Mauritius Amber Nectar Society is a newly formed club where lovers of craft ales review brew and the master brewers work. Its longterm goal is to work with the brewery industry providing feedback from the purchaser level which will include flavour, availability, price and branding. 

To get involved with M.A.N.S send an email using the link below stating your interest.

Cheers to M.A.N.S. favourite brew!!



mauritius-life writes to its friends every few weeks with updates and news



One of my bucket list items was to go to the Munich B**r Festival and in 2015 achieve the goal by spending an evening along with 9000 other 'brew' fans in just one of the tents at the famous Oktoberfest.


This event that last for two whole weeks, running through the last full fortnight of September but finishing in October has amazing statistics:

  • ​The event started in 1810

  • 6,000,000 visitors every year

  • Can seat up to 120,000 people at anyone time

  • 80,000 seat in main tents the larget tent seating 11,000

  • Each year around 7.5 million litres of brew consumed

  • The event started in 1810

Foxtoberfest is a Mauritian celebration of of this famous festival introduced to the island by one particular Brew Master and Brewery. I will leave it to you to guess who that is but I think the name kind of gives it away!

During the same period of time this brewery will organise mini festivals which are hosted in the main at hotels, so if you see someone wearing lederhosen in Mauritius, don't worry you haven't been magically transported to Bavaria, just join in with the celebrations!




Micro-brewing is starting to take root in Mauritius with the first microbrewery's being opened a few years ago, so the future for Mauritian brew is looking bright.

I'm very fortunate to know a master brewer here in Mauritius and have been exceptionally privileged to have been provided with knowledge of what the future looks like regarding craft brewing here on the island. 

I have sampled what most haven't and I have to say I love what's coming and look forward to seeing it hit the shelves and for this truly imaginative concept to grow and grow.

I can also say the best is yet to come for b**r lovers! Hang onto your lederhosen!!

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