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welcome to paradise

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In the title "nature", I am encompassing all wildlife, sealife, flora, and fauna. When flying over the island the first time you visit Mauritius one of the most striking things to notice is how green the island is.

We are blessed with an abundance of sun on the island and many (including me) flock to the island to enjoy its warmth. Along with the sun comes the rain and Mauritius has plenty of that too, but is usually short-lived and quickly gives way to new gold rays. Such a perfect balance of sun and rain has allowed the island to become home to a diverse collection of nature and some that are unique to the island itself.

You only have to look at the tree-covered mountains and the magnificent waterfalls they have formed over the centuries to see how incredibly beautiful nature has made this island. As Ernest Hemingway said "you will be told that Mauritius was created by God immediately after paradise. In fact, this paradise was created in the likeness of Mauritius"