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As a Brit, one of the most striking things about life in Mauritius that has changed my life completely is the amount of time I spend outdoors. Before moving to Mauritius I lived in Dubai for seven years and due to the stifling temperatures of up to 50 degrees C, spent most of my time in air-conditioned buildings.

Mauritius weather and its temperatures are far more forgiving and conducive to outside life. Temperatures range between 20 - 35 degrees Celcius throughout the year and although this year's (2022) winter seems to have been one of the coldest on record, being from the UK it's still been warm in my opinion!

Mauritius has an abundance of activities for the outdoors with all the sports, watersports, beaches, waterfalls, hikes, and social areas found all over the island. The beaches are, of course, one of the best places to enjoy the outdoor life in Mauritius as everything seems to revolve around its coastline, such as catamaran cruises, picnics, snorkeling, horse riding, hotels, restaurants, etc, etc.

Go to our Mauritius Top 10 Beaches page to find out more and where to find them. All the beaches in the top 10 list are accessible by the public so you can go whenever you want to.




We’ve stayed at the Shanti Hotel at Saint Felix several times and on each visit, we have come away wanting to return.

Shanti Spa
Each time we’ve stayed at the Shanti Maurice we have treated ourselves to time at the Shanti Spa. First, soaking in a warm bubbling jacuzzi and then indulging in one of the spa massages which always leaves me wanting to come back again.

Rum Shed
I’ve spoken about that Rum Shed in the Top 10 Bars in Mauritius section of this website but needless to say whenever we visit the Shanti Maurice we make sure we book an evening at the Rum Shed. Its shabby chic driftwood style makes it the perfect place to unwind whilst enjoying great food and exotic cocktails. The bar itself boasts 200 different types of Rum from all over the world and many as limited editions, what’s not to like!

Shanti Team
One of the Shanti Maurice greatest assets is its staff. From the first time we arrived at the Shanti Maurice, we were welcomed by every one of the staff team and on our following visits, we were recognised almost as old friends rather than paying guests.

+230 603 7200



I have had the privilege of eating in a number of Michelin star restaurants over the years and I’m always looking for quality in the food served to me in restaurants. For me, La Table du Château is one, if not the best place to eat on the island. It’s the closest to fine dining I have come across in Mauritius and ticks all the boxes as far as a great experience is concerned.

Firstly the setting. Located on the grounds of the La Table du Château, its open outlook across the Château itself in an evening is beautiful.

The extensive menu has been expertly crafted by the Chef de Cuisine and Owner, Fabio de Poli. The cuisine itself is a marriage of refined local influences along with international flavours.

+230 266 7172