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As the title very simply indicates Mauritius's lifestyle is a very relaxed one. This would probably be everybody's thought when looking into Mauritius Life for perhaps the first time. Thinking that everyone's at the beach all day! Well, that's not really what I mean!

Work does indeed happen in Mauritius and people do have to make a living to survive like everywhere else in the world. However, in my experience, Mauritius does focus on the quality of life itself and therefore the whole island seems to have a relaxed outlook on life in general.

Some may find this a little frustrating at times, but for me, I have grown to embrace it and bring this ethos into my life as much as possible whilst at the same time being focussed on my career.




We’ve stayed at the Shanti Hotel at Saint Felix several times and on each visit, we have come away wanting to return.

Shanti Spa
Each time we’ve stayed at the Shanti Maurice we have treated ourselves to time at the Shanti Spa. First, soaking in a warm bubbling jacuzzi and then indulging in one of the spa massages which always leaves me wanting to come back again.

Rum Shed
I’ve spoken about that Rum Shed in the Top 10 Bars in Mauritius section of this website but needless to say whenever we visit the Shanti Maurice we make sure we book an evening at the Rum Shed. Its shabby chic driftwood style makes it the perfect place to unwind whilst enjoying great food and exotic cocktails. The bar itself boasts 200 different types of Rum from all over the world and many as limited editions, what’s not to like!

Shanti Team
One of the Shanti Maurice greatest assets is its staff. From the first time we arrived at the Shanti Maurice, we were welcomed by every one of the staff team and on our following visits, we were recognised almost as old friends rather than paying guests.

+230 603 7200



Built in 2006, The Courtyard Mauritius is located down a narrow street in the heart of the business district of Port Louis. From the outside the building is unassuming, it is only when you cross its entrance and step into the courtyard do its beauty and elegance become visible.

Its quaint patio-style table and chairs are skillfully positioned throughout the courtyard amongst potted plants and fruit small trees to provide privacy for the diners. An ornamental waterfall provides a great backdrop of sound which seems to be amplified by the open courtyards’ acoustics.

The only negative I can report about eating here is that The Courtyard Mauritius is only open at lunch, from Monday to Friday, and between 11 am and 3 pm. If you can make lunch, I think you will find it worth it.

+230 210 0810