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I've brought up the weather in other areas of this "10 Best Things About Mauritius" section but I have given it its own page as it is one of the biggest benefits of living in Mauritius.

You don't have to have lived in Mauritius for too long to find out that the weather here is very predictable most of the time. The being that the sun will be out soon!

What I mean by that is that when it's raining (and it does rain often) it will, in general, be short-lived and that will give way to the sun. Even when there is a cyclone, which I have experienced several times in the last 6 years with varying severity, you know that soon those golden rays will be bouncing off your sunglasses!

You can find out more about Mauritius and its weather by going to: and




I stayed at the bubble lodge for my birthday in 2020 during the COVID lockdown which as it turned out made it even more special.

We were greeted on the East Coast of the island and taken by boat across to Ile Aux Cerfs where we were introduced to our private butler who would be looking after us during our stay. From there we were driven by golf cart to the reception area which is the Ile Aux Cerfs golf course clubhouse and finally taken down to our bubble lodge on the beach.

Staying in a bubble lodge had been an ambition of mine for a number of years and I wasn't disappointed. It is truly magical sleeping under the stars and even better in the safety (away from mosquitos!) of your bubble that provides all the creature comforts you would expect in and good quality hotel.

We enjoyed a meal on the beach at the beach bar where the staff had lit small fires lining the water's edge. What made our stay even more special was on the first evening we were amongst eight other guests on the island but the following evening, on my birthday night, we had the whole island to ourselves and as the staff, all take the boat back home leaving just the two of us plus a security guard. Very Robinson Crusoe!

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Situated en route just before you arrive at the Le Morne beachfront, Wapalapam is a perfect location to stop for a bite to eat and a leisurely drink. Whether you are on route to the Le Morne beach for the day (featured in and Top 10 Beaches) or going for a hike up Le Morne Brabant (Top 10 hikes in Mauritius) or going to Kite Beach to watch or participate in Kitesurfing its worth will stopping by and trying it out.

For us, we do as part of the first two types of outings but also just because we want good food with a great atmosphere. The Chef Willi has become a friend, and I can recommend this restaurant for its food, vibe, and staff. Enjoy your time there, and let us know how you got on.

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