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A review of the Outrigger Mauritius Hotel

Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Karen Thornalley

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outrigger mauritius


So today I can review my weekend at the Outrigger Hotel & Spa at Bel Ombre, Mauritius, and apart from my disappointment with the hotel's Plantation Restaurant already in my reviews I can say I have enjoyed the stay and the hotel complex.

I was hoping to add it to my top 10 listings but I do not believe it currently qualifies therefore, unfortunately, my search continues to fill this category only having 4 hotels that I believe I am happy to recommend to you so far.

I’ve been to the Outrigger before but only for brunch and a spa day some years ago and this is the first time I have stopped overnight in the hotel itself.

image: Central vista at Outrigger Mauritius


Ashmita "best of the bunch"

We met Ashmita at lunchtime who greeted us with her amazing smile and instantly turned what was to that point a 4-star hotel into 5 stars.

She speedily assisted us in arranging our dining venues for the weekend after providing detailed options and menus. “I’m looking forward to reviewing the restaurants at the Outrigger!”

Outrigger Mauritius Hotel

image: Outrigger Mauritius central pool

Good but not great

The beach itself is wide and sandy with its waters, like many areas in Mauritius, shallow and warm due to the projection of the island's reef.

The main pool is large and inviting with play areas for young children and the man bar area has relaxing areas out in the sun and the shade.

Service is good and the staff is attentive on the whole. There are plenty of sun loungers and towels to go around.

hotel outrigger mauritius

image: aerial view of Outrigger Mauritius

My suggestion

The food served at the main bar is the best in the hotel with a great burger and pizza. The main buffet/restaurant and its other eating venues such as the aforementioned Plantation and Edgewater Restaurant which we tried last night are where things take a downturn for me.

Don't get me wrong food is edible and served in mass like in other hotels but the quality just isn't there in my point of view. My suggestion would be to eat lunch early at the main bar area and an early dinner at the same as they serve lunch until 5pm!

You can give hotels a little slack because they are just coming out of the COVID19 lockdowns and we are now in a global price war on food and energy supplies due to the Ukraine/Russia conflict for the possible slippage in the delivery of quality levels, however, soon they will need to up their game as I do not believe many of the hotels currently stand at the star rating and in the case of the Outrigger it is slipping into a 4-star status.

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