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The Plantation "don’t bother"

Sunday, September 11, 2022


Karen Thornalley

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outrigger mauritius beach resort


Tonight we tried the plantation restaurant at the Outrigger at Bel Ombre and as a lover of fine dining, we decided to use our all-inclusive meal allowance of 1500 MUR per person towards our bill for the evening.

Upon arrival we were asked if we had booked, which we had and the waiter checked the list of diners in his hand and said we were not on it, he frowned, so we asked if he could fit us in and he said “no problem”.

We followed him through the restaurant, to discover that we the only diners to have arrived so far that evening and as it turned out there would be only another two couples to join the whole evening!

image: Plantation restaurant Outrigger


Stale bread

After a few minutes of sitting down, we were offered a bread roll each with butter. The roll was stale and like sawdust so not a good start! We then had the torcher of selecting a pre-dinner cocktail. I say "torcher" because to access the drinks menu we were pointed to a QR code sign sitting on the table. Great, what if you have decided to go out for a quiet meal and leave your phone in the room?

My starter was a Dhal Puri with Foie Gras filling which I was expecting to be light and flavourful however the Puri seem either slate or deep fried which made it chewy and resulted in the foie gras being lost in the tasting senses although this dish flavours as a whole just didn’t work.

mauritius beach resort

image: Platanation restaurant Outrigger Hotel

Sponge is King!

For the main course, I can not fault it for flavour, which was two small strips of tenderloin steak with a beetroot chutney served with a tablespoon of mashed potato and gravy for 1600 MUR.

To finish the review and continued disappointment we ordered desserts. The Chocolate tart was pretty much a disaster and had the worst chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted (if you want an ice cream experience go to one of the Wapalapam restaurants as they have a selection of homemade ice creams and they are an “oh my god” experience!)

For some reason Mauritius pastry chefs use sponge bases for everything instead of pastry, maybe it's because they store longer! This dish looked great on arrival at the table but unfortunately, its appearance didn't live up to expectations in flavour and texture.

My husband chose the Baklava which was titled “Turkey meet Mauritius”. For those who do not know what Baklava is, it is chopped nuts (usually pistachios) soaked in honey and wrapped in filo pastry. The flavours should be a combination of all three of these elements with a strong bias towards the sweet honey. Tonight's offering had an overpowering flavour of cinnamon which removed all the remaining elements from your taste buds.!

hotel outrigger mauritius beach resort

image: plantation restaurant

To sum things up!

I could go on and but I think you get the gist of the quality of food being served here!

The bill came to 6900 MUR so with our room allowance at 3000, the bill for the two of us came to 3900 MUR. 6900 is the equivalent of; 152EUR, 2678RAND, 133GBP or 154USD and you have to take into account that this is without any drinks on the bill. I don't mind spending good money on good food but this didn't happen here.

Was it worth not eating at the normal buffet, NO! Would we go again NO! Would we recommend, hell NO! Needless to say, this restaurant will not go anywhere near our top 10 restaurant listings.

My advice is don't spend anything extra than you have to for this experience. Such a disappointment.

Service 2 out of 5

Food 3 to of 5

Tonight we dine at the Edgewater restaurant so fingers crossed!

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