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Welcome to Mauritius Life:

From Expats living here

Your Insider Journey Through Mauritius Starts Here

"Welcome to Mauritius Life, the brainchild of a group of expats who have called Mauritius home for many years. Our journey on this enchanting island has transformed us from newcomers to seasoned locals, and it's this firsthand experience we bring to you through our website.

Living as expats in Mauritius has afforded us a unique perspective on what it means to truly embrace the island life. From navigating the nuances of moving and settling in, to uncovering the hidden gems that only locals know about, our adventures have been filled with discoveries we're eager to share. Mauritius Life is more than just a guide; it's a reflection of our experiences, insights, and love for this island paradise.

Why Trust Us?

  • Real Experiences: Every piece of advice, every recommendation, and every tip shared on this site comes from our real-life experiences living and thriving in Mauritius.

  • Beyond the Surface: We delve deeper than the typical travel guides, offering you insights into the local lifestyle, culture, and the expat experience that only years of living here can provide.

  • Community and Connection: Our goal is to foster a community of like-minded individuals, whether you're planning a short visit or considering making Mauritius your new home.

As expats who have lived the journey you're embarking on, we understand the questions you might have and the information you're seeking. From the practicalities of moving to Mauritius to the joys of discovering your favorite beach, we cover it all. Our mission is to make your Mauritian adventure as magical as ours has been, equipped with knowledge that only comes from years of living here.

Join us at Mauritius Life, and let's explore the wonders of Mauritius together, with the wisdom of those who've lived it."

Travel Bag

Travel Tips and Essentials

Navigating Mauritius is a breeze with our insider tips. From visa requirements to local transport, we've got you covered. Discover the best times to visit, what to pack, and how to make the most of your trip, regardless of the season.

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Local Lifestyle and Culture

Dive deep into the heart of Mauritius as we explore its rich cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, and everyday life. Learn about local customs, language, and how to connect with the warm-hearted people of Mauritius.

Culinary Delights

Mauritian cuisine is a delicious blend of flavours influenced by its diverse cultural heritage. From street food to gourmet dining, we'll guide you through the best places to eat and the must-try dishes that define the taste of the island.

Breathtaking Attractions

Whether it's the serene beaches, lush mountains, or historic sites, Mauritius is filled with attractions that cater to every type of traveler. We provide insights on the top places to visit, hidden gems, and activities that will make your stay memorable.


Mauritius Schools & University

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Accommodation Guides

Find the perfect place to stay with our comprehensive reviews of hotels, resorts, and unique accommodations across the island. From luxury to budget-friendly options, we help you find a home away from home.

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Mauritius Property Guides

From luxurious beachfront villas to cozy apartments in the heart of vibrant communities, finding your dream home in Mauritius has never been easier. Our comprehensive property guide is here to navigate you through the ins and outs of renting and buying in this island paradise.

Living in Mauritius

Considering making Mauritius your new home? We offer valuable resources on moving to Mauritius, including information on residency, employment, and the real estate market.


Community and Events

Stay updated with the latest events, festivals, and community gatherings. Mauritius is an island that celebrates life, and we bring you closer to these celebrations, ensuring you experience the island's pulsating rhythm.

Mauritius Light Festival

The Very Best

of Mauritius

Explore Mauritius:
Your Gateway to Island Life

Welcome to our interactive exploration grid, your starting point to uncover every facet of Mauritius, from its azure waters to its vibrant cultural tapestry. Here, you'll find a visual mosaic of topics, meticulously organized in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Each image represents a unique aspect of Mauritius, inviting you to click and delve deeper into the island's wonders.

Start your exploration now and discover the rich diversity and captivating beauty of Mauritius, one topic at a time.

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