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6 Great Reasons Why South Africans are Calling Mauritius Home

Updated: May 22, 2023

Written by Candice Thompson of BTG.

For many South Africans, it’s an incredibly hard decision to leave everything behind, pack up your family and move to an unknown destination. Along with the costs and procedures involved in a cross-border move, there is also the consideration of how one’s family will adapt to the new environment and culture. However, there are a number of reasons why Mauritius has become one of the destinations of choice for those South Africans thinking of starting somewhere new. We will look at the top six motives for South Africans when choosing to relocate to the island.

Firstly, the proximity of Mauritius to South Africa makes it a very favourable choice. For many South Africans moving abroad, the hardest part is leaving behind extended family and friends. However, the idea that South Africa is only a four-hour flight away means that annual visits are a real possibility. With daily flights between Johannesburg and Mauritius, hopping on a plane and seeing loved ones is relatively easy to do. In addition, the small two-hour time difference means that video calls with granny are simple to organise.

2. The Lifestyle

Mauritius offers a fantastic lifestyle for South Africans and their families. Many South Africans are athletic and enjoy outdoor sports which Mauritius offers in abundance. Individual sports like cycling, rowing, surfing, and hiking are popular, as well as team sports like soccer and rugby. In addition, the late afternoon beach walks after school and the lazy Sunday braais with friends add to the inviting atmosphere of the island.

3. The British Influence

Mauritius was a British colony for over 150 years and this strong British influence still resonates throughout the island today. English is widely spoken on the island and is the dominant language in the mass media as well as in corporate and business dealings. In addition, all the road signs are in English and easy to read. This, coupled with the fact that we drive on the left-hand side of the road, makes it relatively easy for South Africans to adapt.

4. The Safety

Mauritius is well-known as being an exceptionally safe place to live. In fact, it has recently been voted as the safest country in Africa. For many South Africans, this is the biggest drawcard for the island. To be able to live in a country where one’s children are free to cycle to a friend’s house or walk down to the beach for a surf is invaluable. Furthermore, the Mauritian people are wonderfully friendly and will go out of their way to assist a newcomer and make them feel welcome on the island.

5. The Climate

Many people picture Mauritius as a sunny, balmy island with a hot and humid climate – and rightly so. For South Africans wanting to escape the frigid, dry winters of Johannesburg, or the cold, wet winters of the Cape, then Mauritius is a welcome alternative. The sweltering summers, where one keeps cool with a dip in the ocean, are juxtaposed with the mild winters that average a daytime temperature on the coast of about 20˚ Celsius.

6. The Affordability

The last big reason why Mauritius is one of the top destinations of choice for South Africans looking to relocate is the affordability. While many countries have an age cut-off for their emigration programs, or require a very large influx of funds, Mauritius has a number of permit options appealing to many different age and income demographics. From the Retirement Permit aimed at anyone over the age of 50, to the Premium Visa targeting remote workers, those looking to move are very likely to find something that will fit their situation. In addition, the Self-employed and Investor permits are aimed at those looking to invest offshore and benefit from the relatively low 15% tax rate. ​​​​​​​

Whatever your reasons may be for looking to emigrate, Mauritius should definitely be a consideration. Whether it’s the appeal of a new adventure, the idea of experiencing a different cultural landscape, or merely wanting a safe and simple lifestyle for your family, you’re bound to find that the island ticks a large number of your boxes. If you’d like to chat to someone from our Relocation and Business Development Team in person, we will be hosting a seminar in both Durban and Johannesburg at the end of July. Sign up to attend and ask your Mauritius structuring and relocation questions to our specialized team. Alternatively, you can contact us on to schedule a complimentary call.

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