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Updated: May 22, 2023

For the first 5 years of living here I would go to the individual insurance companies and ask for quotations and out of those choose who to use based on the policy package and cost. But this year, I had a requirement to look for travel insurance and did the same I would would normally do. However the insurance cost seemed excessive so for the first time I decided try a Broker I was recommended for a comparison. This has changed my whole way of purchasing insurance as the policy I ended up with with the same cover, was around 50% cheaper than I was quoted but with the same Company!! I guess the broker does all the work and the large Insurance Companies don't know if you are local or an expat! However this works I can say it definitely works for me. They were established in 1994 as one of the first Insurance broker in Mauritius. Since its creation, Chartered Brokers Ltd has provided its professional insurance broking and consultancy services to a wide spectrum of clients.

Finding the right insurance policy can be challenging. But you’re not alone.

They have helped over 15,000 families get insured and protect what matters to them

putting their interests first on the negotiating table before the island’s leading insurers. Whether it’s your health, your investments, or your future, our team of experts has the skill and knowledge to find you the insurance policy that fits your budget and lifestyle. for a contact please email

There is always an open door for you

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