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Pool Maintenance - its a lottery

Updated: May 22, 2023

Many of the villas in Mauritius are equipped with swimming pools and as a general rule of thumb homeowners and renting tenants will hire a pool maintenance company or private contractor to look after it on a regular basis.

Over the years we have rented three properties in Mauritius and used five different pool maintenance companies with us looking for our sixth as I write this blog. Fact is, in our experience, pool maintenance in Mauritius is a lottery for who and what you are going to get. Say you find a reputable company, the guy that comes to do your pool invariably arrives on a small motorcycle, stays for the shortest period of time possible doing the smallest amount of work. If you are out at work you can't prove if they've been or not. If they come once a week and that day falls on a public holiday they won't be there until the following week. The same goes if they are ill, on holiday, broken down, can't make it, family crisis, are stuck in traffic, had to attend an urgent family member event or requirement!

Again, in our experience, what follows are calls complaining that the pool can't be used because it's a pond green colour. I can't recommend anyone to you at the moment but what I can do is to provide you with a list of companies to steer clear of and to access that list just drop me a line on the link below.

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