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Pereybere is a small beach located in the north of Mauritius; you will find it easily along the coast road between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux. Pereybere is one of the most popular beaches of Grand Bay where you will find a variety of water sports, a translucent turquoise sea and white sandy beach. Pereybere is a small creek very popular among tourists and locals who attend in large numbers during the week and especially on weekends.

Pereybere is the beach recommended for family swimming, a quiet place with a calm sea, the beach is ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers. You will find vendors of exotic fruits, ice cream merchants near the beach, and nearby restaurants offering varied menus.

Shade can be found under coconut trees or you can hire or rent a deckchair on the beach to relax for a while before diving again in the turquoise waters of Pereybere.



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What makes it into my Mauritius Top 10 lists?
Places I want to get back to time and time again, and the Beach House Bar and Restaurant is sure a place.

What makes it even more important to be good?
These are the places I will take my friends and family plus recommend to others, so as far as I’m concerned they suit my tastes.

We are creatures of habit and whenever we go up North we will make sure we visit the Beach House Grand Baie. In fact, in most cases, the trip is based on an afternoon at the Beach House Grand Baie and we fit other items around it, such as shopping etc.

What is there not to like about the Beach House Grand Baie?
As the name says, its a house (bar/restaurant) on a beach. A long lazy lunch can extend into sundowners watching the waves roll in whilst chatting to friends.

One of the biggest draws for me coming back time and again is that each time you can kick back, chill and let the world go by!

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The Mauritius National Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting and enriching places to visit in Port Louis. Spread over a sprawling lush green landscape, this magnificent garden houses 85 varieties of palms from Central America and from the adjacent islands of Indian Ocean.

It is also home to 650 variations of flowers plants and medicinal plants. You can also see the unique Baobabs trees, the Palmier Bouteille and the signature flower of the garden- the Giant Water Lilies.

Opening hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Sunday
Entrance fee: 200 rupees for non-residents.
You can hire a golf-buggy to tour the garden if you have limited mobility.