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For Mauritians, Horse Racing is a way of life and is supported by many fans. The Champ de Mars was founded in 1812, making it one of the oldest race tracks in the world and whose horsing racing season starts in March and ends in the first weekend of December.

When you arrive at the Champ de Mars Race Course you pass over the race trace itself entering via a busy stream of cars, motorcycles, and people on foot, supervised by the local police between races.

As a spectator, you have (in general) three options in where you watch the racing.

Firstly, inside the track which is free and always has a large crowd of local Mauritians enjoying not just the racing also but food and drink available at the local stalls.

Secondly, you could pay for access to the Grandstand or if you are lucky to be invited into one of the private boxes.

Or Thirdly, and my personal favourite, watch from the Grandstand trackside level. To do this you must once again cross the racecourse on foot to reach the grandstand and pay a small amount for an entry ticket.

Once across, you can enter the area at the back of the Grandstand to lay bets, have a drink or snack, and take in the atmosphere of the race day. I will not spoil the surprise but to me, this place is simply magical!

Every Saturday from March until the first weekend in December 12pm - 5pm


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The Lux at Le Morne is relatively local to where I live and we try to book out weekends away on the island as often as we can within our budget and time constraints. The intention has always been to experience as much of the island as possible and take mini holidays/breaks for ourselves. This became even more important during COVID, where our thinking was "we live in paradise, so why not take a break in paradise!".

The Lux is located on one of the most beautiful spots/beaches on the island and surrounded by so many things to do and places to go. The beach is our favourite on the island ( please visit our 'Top 10 Beaches' page to see more options and I'll be down there at least once a month.

The Lux has been recently fully refurbished and I look forward to visiting it again where I'll update the review by for now all I can tell you is that I have always enjoyed the Lux Hotel Le Morne, whether it be for a day visit or overnight stay, I personally don't think you will be disappointed.

+230 401 4000



Wapalapam Port Louis is a new addition to my Top 10 Restaurants in Mauritius and very deservedly so. You will notice that Wapalapam Le Morne and ENSO all under the watchful gaze of Chef Willi Reinbacher who, has become a friend over the past year. Until recently, I didn't know that Chef Willi was the head chef and creator of one of my other favourite restaurants listed here in this Top 10, the Rum Shed at the Shanti Maurice.

Willi always care and attention when preseting his dishies which are his original spin on Indian Ocean cuisine using the fresh produce and as much locally sourced as possible.

Wapalapam Port Louis is a hidden gem in the cities centre. Accessed just a few minutes walk from the Port Louis Food Market listed in our Top 10 Attractions and has a centralised courtyard eating area with both barstool and dining table covers. Like all of the Wapalapam eating venues it encourages its customers to "kickback" relax and forget about the time as you enjoy the vibe, company and great food.

+230 5852 2902