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The concept of has been generated by the accumulation of our personal experiences over the last 7 years as an expatriate.  Its existence has come to life based on the frustration that what provides has not existed before it came to life.

When you step into the new world of a Country, you are either going on holiday, dipping your toe in to see if it’s where you want to live or just emigrating too, before now there wasn't anywhere that gave you a full insight of what to expect from this beautiful island.

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It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to and I hope you will enjoy the experience and return many times. offers everything that you need to know about Mauritius life as a visitor or resident so happy reading and I hope to see you on this beautiful island soon.

Opening Doors To Mauritius Life
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mauritius-life writes to its friends every few weeks with updates and news

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many images of peoples faces joining an online community
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Our blog page is here to provide you access to all manner of topics regarding Life in Mauritius. We hope that it will provide a place for readers to return on a regular basis, where its postings can be used as an ongoing resource of information. Blogs will be added as and when a topic is either chosen or requested from its readers. Here you can interact and leave comments of your own if you wish to. are proud to be associated with and to provide insights to Mauritius Life regarding property for either renting or buying. is full of informative articles and expert advice on Mauritius’ property prices, the renting and buying scene in the west and north, and much more. A constantly growing Country, Mauritius is sprouting several new building projects on the PDS scheme. For an introduction to this, go ahead and plunge into this issue.


Mauritius Life is packed with special treats for the avid property investor. We have an eclectic range of land options in North, South, and Central Mauritius. Here, you can develop your dream property. This issue will walk you through the West and North Coast, and outline precisely why Mauritius is the right choice for you. We also have the pleasure of introducing you to our partners on the website who have generously equipped us with a wealth of knowledge regarding local bankingschools, insurance, and more.

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If you’re all about living life in the sun and sand, pack your bags and move to Mauritius. You don’t have to win the lottery to relocate to this tropical paradise, contrary to popular belief. While buying a home on the island comes with an instant residency permit, renting is a viable option too! Here’s a crash course on what you need to know to rent your first home in Mauritius.

Mauritius is pretty relaxed when it comes to renting a home. All you need is a passport copy and a physical address, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about submitting employment details before renting a home - Mauritius caters to everyone from freelancers to retirees. 

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Mauritius is naturally blessed with permanently pleasant weather, an abundance of resources, a smooth-sailing political environment, and a rich cultural heritage. But the island has more to offer than just postcard-perfect conditions. Not only do non-citizens unlock the opportunity to reside in the country upon investment, but they can also apply for a residency. Whether you’ve got a start-up venture brewing and you want to set up your own company or have just retired, this tropical country has something for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about buying in Mauritius.

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Here at, we will provide you with everything you need. For instance, let's discuss where best to eat with the ‘Top 10 restaurants in Mauritius’ then after, discover where to have a drink in the 'Top 10 bars in Mauritius’ or, discover the things that every Mauritius visitor or resident should see and do with ‘Top 10 attractions in Mauritius’ and ‘Top 10 things to do in Mauritius’. 


Here at, we cover everything; buying or renting property, becoming a resident, food, lifestyle, sports, activities, social life, weather, economy, cost of living, where to visit, stay and live, what to see, and do, what not to do and what to avoid, what to be conscious of and to be tolerant of, what to try and when to say “no thank you”. (Everything is based on knowledge and personal opinion). 

Don't worry we won't take offense if you think we are wrong in our thinking and recommendations, that's absolutely fine, we just wanted to put a line in the sand and say “welcome to Mauritius life”.

opening doors to Mauritius Life

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