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When asked the question "what is it like living in Mauritius?" I often use the phrase "Mauritius is Mumbai pretending to be Paris". Now I say this in a very endearing way and in no way is it meant to be taken in a derogatory way.

I do cover the same topic though in the "Worst Things About Mauritius" which can be found here:

Living in Mauritius sometimes feels like you have stepped back in time and I don't mean that in technical terms so must, although the availability of technology is limited and massively expensive. What I mean is how life is in general. I had been traveling to Mauritius on business for a number of years before moving here only staying in either business or holiday hotels for my trips. The first day I arrived on the island when I emigrate here full time was a Sunday and by the time we had got out of the airport and begun driving through urban areas it had become dark around 5:30 - 6:00pm.

What hit me was that nowhere was open, no shop, bar, restaurant, store, or supermarket! I had come from Dubai where everything is open 24/7 and before that the UK where a Sunday is treated like any other day of the week and all the aforementioned would be open.

I soon realised that the same pretty much happens on a Saturday at around 1 pm and most places will close for the day, barring petrol stations and hotels. This at first was a frustration but then I loved the fact that it brought back memories of when I was young and weekends were meant to be spent away from work and with family and friends. Everyone on the island is given the opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones and this is as it should be.

Life is too busy and too demanding in general but here in Mauritius you always have the ability to kick off your shoes and take time out!




We’ve stayed at the Shanti Hotel at Saint Felix several times and on each visit, we have come away wanting to return.

Shanti Spa
Each time we’ve stayed at the Shanti Maurice we have treated ourselves to time at the Shanti Spa. First, soaking in a warm bubbling jacuzzi and then indulging in one of the spa massages which always leaves me wanting to come back again.

Rum Shed
I’ve spoken about that Rum Shed in the Top 10 Bars in Mauritius section of this website but needless to say whenever we visit the Shanti Maurice we make sure we book an evening at the Rum Shed. Its shabby chic driftwood style makes it the perfect place to unwind whilst enjoying great food and exotic cocktails. The bar itself boasts 200 different types of Rum from all over the world and many as limited editions, what’s not to like!

Shanti Team
One of the Shanti Maurice greatest assets is its staff. From the first time we arrived at the Shanti Maurice, we were welcomed by every one of the staff team and on our following visits, we were recognised almost as old friends rather than paying guests.

+230 603 7200



Wapalapam Port Louis is a new addition to my Top 10 Restaurants in Mauritius and very deservedly so. You will notice that Wapalapam Le Morne and ENSO are all under the watchful gase of Chef Willi Reinbacher who, has become a friend over the past year. Until recently, I didn't know that Chef Willi was the head chef and creator of one of my other favourite restaurants listed here in this Top 10, the Rum Shed at the Shanti Maurice.

Willi always care and attention when presenting his dishes which are his original spin on Indian Ocean cuisine using fresh produce and as much locally sourced as possible.

Wapalapam Port Louis is a hidden gem in the city's centre. Accessed just a few minute's walk from the Port Louis Food Market listed in our Top 10 Attractions and has a centralised courtyard eating area with both barstool and dining table covers. Like all of the Wapalapam eating venues, it encourages its customers to "kick back" relax and forget about the time as you enjoy the vibe, company and, great food.

+230 5852 2902