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Mauritius is blessed with many beautiful beaches and most are accessible to the public.

Beaches in Mauritius are alive with activity and at weekends are the place where families and friends converge and have fun. As you arrive you will see others that have come by motorbike, car, and even coach in large groups carrying chairs, food, barbeques, blankets, drinks, and games. Your nose is filled with the smell of the sea and BBQ's cooking tasty morsels whilst the sound of waves and laughter ring through the air.

I must admit Mauritius beaches are beautiful in many respects but for me, the way that they are used so passionately by holidaymakers, expatriates, and locals alike as a place to enjoy time together is the most important.

One of our favourite spots on the island is Le Morne beach which although usually busy is the perfect place to relax for the day. There is plenty of off-road parking and you enter the beachfront by walking under a 30-meter-long canopy of tall trees that are occupied in places by groups of people enjoying the shade for sitting or playing games such as petanque. Finally reaching the white sand itself which slopes into the sea where its warm shallow waters can be enjoyed.

Go to our Mauritius Top 10 Beaches page to find out more and where to find them. All the beaches in the top 10 list are accessible by the public so you can go whenever you want to.




The Lux at Le Morne is relatively local to where I live and we try to book out weekends away on the island as often as we can within our budget and time constraints. The intention has always been to experience as much of the island as possible and take mini holidays/breaks for ourselves. This became even more important during COVID, where our thinking was "we live in paradise, so why not take a break in paradise!".

The Lux is located on one of the most beautiful spots/beaches on the island and surrounded by so many things to do and places to go. The beach is our favourite on the island ( please visit our 'Top 10 Beaches' page to see more options and I'll be down there at least once a month.

The Lux has been recently fully refurbished and I look forward to visiting it again where I'll update the review by for now all I can tell you is that I have always enjoyed the Lux Hotel Le Morne, whether it be for a day visit or overnight stay, I personally don't think you will be disappointed.

+230 401 4000



Why is the Rhumerie de Chamarel in my Mauritius Top 10 Restaurants list?
You will also find Rhumerie de Chamarel in my Mauritius Top 10 Restaurant, Mauritius Top 10 Things to Do, and Mauritius Top 10 Attractions which should give you some indication of how much I like this place.

No, I have no relative or financial gain from promoting the Rhumerie de Chamarel, just the pleasure of supporting a business and its staff that have provided me with many happy moments in my life.

Of all the places and activities listed on this website, I have visited the Rhumerie de Chamarel more than any other and am fast approaching 30 visits. Not only that I have taken more friends and family to experience this wonderful place and they ask when they are going back again!

The food is good and the service is excellent. The restaurant has both indoor and outside seating so you are covered just in case of rain.

If you like a lazy lunch with your partner, family, and/or friends where you are treated well and everything is as it should be then in my humble opinion the Rhumerie de Chamarel provides the perfect spot.

+230 483 4980