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I think they should change all dictionaries and the meaning under "Multiculture" and just put - "see Mauritius".

In my experience, Mauritius has open arms as far as opening you up to its different cultures and ethnic groups. Since being here on the island I have been invited to a number of festivals and events across all cultures and religions.

In fact, if you make the smallest attempt of showing interest in them, you a greeted with welcoming enthusiasm.

For an island that is home to African, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Western cultures and religions, pretty much everything is celebrated on the island.

For more information, why not try our Festivals or Religion page links below:




The Lux at Le Morne is relatively local to where I live and we try to book out weekends away on the island as often as we can within our budget and time constraints. The intention has always been to experience as much of the island as possible and take mini holidays/breaks for ourselves. This became even more important during COVID, where our thinking was "we live in paradise, so why not take a break in paradise!".

The Lux is located on one of the most beautiful spots/beaches on the island and surrounded by so many things to do and places to go. The beach is our favourite on the island ( please visit our 'Top 10 Beaches' page to see more options and I'll be down there at least once a month.

The Lux has been recently fully refurbished and I look forward to visiting it again where I'll update the review by for now all I can tell you is that I have always enjoyed the Lux Hotel Le Morne, whether it be for a day visit or overnight stay, I personally don't think you will be disappointed.

+230 401 4000



I've eaten at Nomad several times and experienced breakfast, lunch, and dinner setting and on every occasion, it has not disappointed.

Its relaxed indoor and outdoor setting with the tables outside under the shade of parasols or on the raised terrace especially appeals to me.

What set Nomad Restaurant aside from most places I've eaten in Mauritius is the care and attention given to the presentation of the food. As you will see from the photo gallery attached to this section, the food is delivered looking delicious and in my opinion, tastes as good as it looks.

If I have one recommendation it would be the eggs benedict. I've been a fan of this dish for many years and getting wrong is very easy. At Nomads, they have got it down to perfection with an amazing homemade hollandaise sauce, sourdough bread, pouched eggs, and crispy bacon. I can't wait to try it again!

+230 5499 4997