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Religion in Mauritius
Religion in Mauritius


“The religious freedom found in Mauritius is really refreshing, the mind set of the people is very welcoming to all kinds of religion. I myself have been welcomed to celebrate many different religious events no matter what religion I follow. 

Below you will find my experience of religion in Mauritius. I have tried to give guidance in summary of the religions I have experienced to the best of my knowledge and research."



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Hinduism is one of the most greatly followed religions in Mauritius with 48% of the island practicing this religion. The reason for this being the historic story of Indian labourers bought to Mauritius on work contracts by the early settlers.

Hinduism is interpreted very diversely and some refer to it as an umbrella term for many sub religions with over lapping beliefs. In Mauritius the two main sub groups are the Tamils and the Telugu's. These groups share the beliefs of the 'cycle of rebirth' and 'karma'.

Most practising Hindus in Mauritius form part of the Indian and Tamil communities. There are many Indian temples which can be seen around the island, they are beautifully decorated and brightly coloured. Here are the top famous temple around the island:

  • Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir 

  • Ganga Talao

  • Sagar Shiv Mandir

  • Shri Prasanna Venkateswara Temple

  • Pandurang Kshetra Mandir

  • Sri Siva Subramanya Temple 



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Religion in Mauritius


Catholicism is the second most followed religion in Mauritius after Hinduism. This stems from the history of early Dutch explorers, followed by French Colonists. Due to this history it is clear that many following Catholicism are Franco-Mauritian or Creoles.

As a branch of Christianity, Catholics believe in God as the 'Holy Trinity' and the father, the son and the holy spirit. Much like Catholics worldwide, Mauritian Catholics accept the power of the Catholic church and priests all lead by the Pope.

Catholic churches can be found all over the island, some of the most famous are listed below:

  • St Louis Cathedral (Port Louis)

  • Père Lavals Shrine (Port Louis)

  • Ste Thèrèse Church (Curepipe)

  • Notre Dame Des Anges Church Of Mahébourg

  • Notre Dame de la Visitation (Vacoas-Pheonix)

I was in Mauritius when Pope Francis visited, back in 2019. Thousand of people flocked to Port Louis to see him. I did not attend, but the traffic was unbelievable that day and the scenes on the local news were incredible.



Protestant Christians make up only 2% of the island of Mauritius. After the French lost their possession of Mauritius to Britain and the island become part of the British Empire, the Brits bought with them Protestantism. But it seems there was little success in turning the island Protestant.

Protestant Christians follow the Church of England and also believe in God, the father, the son and the holy spirit and they follow the readings of the Holy Bible.

Some beautiful Protestant Churches in Mauritius are:

  • Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice de Cap Malheureux

  • St Michel Church (Grande Gaube)

  • Saint-Jean Parish (Port Lois)

  • St. Peter's Anglican Church (Port Lois)

  • Ste Helene Church (Curepipe)

Religion in Mauritius


The Muslim community makes up 16% of the Mauritian population. Many of the Muslim people come from Indian descent.

The history behind this dates back to the days of French colonisation in 1735. Skilled tradesmen were bought from India to work in Port Louis at the docks. These men are thought to have bought Islam to Mauritius as today there is a large Muslim population residing in Port Louis. Later on it is thought that many slaves from the east coast of Africa also bought the Muslim religion with them. 

Muslim are monotheistic and believe and worship in one all-knowing god, who is known as ‘Allah’ in Arabic. The five pillars of islam are profession of faith, prayer, alms, fasting and pilgrimage.

There are many mosques in Mauritius, but by far the most beautiful is the Jummah Masjid, Located in Port Louis and very friendly and welcoming to curious tourists. I have visited this beautiful building, decorated with delicately crafted patterns  and surrounded by trees growing in and around the mosque. When I visited the Islamic leader greeted us and handed us robes to wear in order to cover our arms and legs to remain respectful. He was very friendly and knowledgeable, I firming us all about the religious practices. 

Image by Aaron Burden


Although the previous religions make up the majority of the Mauritius population, these are not the only religious groups that can be found here.

There are people following other religious such as:

  • Jews

  • Seventh-day Adventists

  • Anglicans

  • Pentecostals

  • Presbyterians 

  • evangelical Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • members of the Assemblies of God

  • Buddhists

  • Baha’is

  • animists

The acceptance and tolerance of different religions really creates a strong sense of community on the island.



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Image by John O'Nolan


The remaining % of the population do not follow any religion but are welcomed to and join in with the celebrations of all the religions. 

Many people gather to watch and celebrate the many religious holidays and festivals together.

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