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“More often than not, I get asked information on how to become a Mauritius Resident. This is due to a number of factors but more common these days is individuals looking to leave Countries that have been affected by economic and cultural changes, such as Europe and domestic conflict, such as South Africa.

Here I will talk about the who, what, where and why's of the expat population of Mauritius. Having lived here a while now and made close friends with many expats, this section will be based on my experience and my own personal research.


If you don't find what you are looking for you can always contact me by clicking on one of the inquiry form buttons throughout this site".



Friends on a Mountain


The expatriates of Mauritus come from all over the world, with some nationalities settling in larger numbers than others.

The largest group of expats are from France, as you would imagine. The French people find life in Mauritius much more appealing than France not only due to the climate and paradisal landscapes but also the island speaks their mother tongue and holds a lot of their history. Some French maybe have ancestors that lived in Mauritius from the days of colonisation (See the page on People of Mauritius).

The second largest group is South Africans. The main reason for their immigration is due to the unsettlement and domestic conflict in their country. Friends we have made here have described it as a lucky escape. With Mauritius being crowned the most peaceful African nation of 2019, theres no better place for them.

Other smaller groups who are present seem to form social groups with english speakers there are the English, Kenyan, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Australian, Dutch, German, Polish and more.



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The North of the island is the most popular location for expatriates to settle. The reason for this being the abundance of shops, bars, restaurants, school options, health care provider, beaches and water activities.

All of the above are within a 20 minute drive and the capital Port Louis is only 35 minutes away. Grande Baie has everything you need for an easy happy life.

All of the different groups of expats can be found in the North, with what seems like more South Africans and French people but this is mainly because they are the largest groups of expats on the island.

You can also find the other groups, the North feels like the most diverse area of the island in terms of expats, there are lots of great bars for socialising, so even if they aren't living in the North you are certain to find a variety of expats visiting these bars and restaurants.


For more info on bars and restaurants visit our top 10 bars and top 10 restaurants pages.



The West of the island is the second most popular region for expats to settle. The west is favourable due to the beautiful wild landscapes, mountains, beach and national park.

It is less populated than the North and still has shops, bars, restaurants, schools and health care just a smaller selection.

The West is favoured by lovers of the sea and water sports as it is home to the best kite, wind and board surfing spots at Tamarin bay and Le Morne beach.

Many of the houses in the West are located on Black Rock giving you the most breathtaking view of the lagoons, beaches and mountains all the way to the South.

The expat community in the West seems to be dominantly South African and French, this being because they are the largest two groups on the island. You can also find people from all other nationalities in the West



mauritius-life writes to its friends every few weeks with updates and news

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There is a huge online community where expats can connect, organise and promote events, sell or swap items, find jobs and reach out to people. has a lot of information about Mauritius and has been helpful to me when there wasn't any resources available like

Other ways I have found out information and met people is through the power of facebook. Mauritius is highly dependant on facebook for marketing and advertising, many businesses do not have a website but use a facebook page as if it were their website, in most cases this will be the only place you can find out information about certain businesses.

There are lots of facebook pages for different expats with the most popular being 'mum's of the North', 'mums of the west' and of course our very own 'Mauritius Life' group, check it our on the link below!

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