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Now I know Mauritius can provide 5 stars!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022



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Oberoi Mauritius


I shared a blog on the day of our arrival at the Oberoi Mauritius which was to celebrate a milestone birthday which pointed out how pleased I was with my initial thought of the Hotel in general and that I was looking forward to the rest of the stay.

This is sometimes a double edged sword as first impressions can be deceiving and disappointment can easily follow. However with the Oberoi Mauritius the experience surpassed my expectations.

image: Oberoi Mauritius pool area


I've wanted to stay in an Oberoi Hotel for some time now.

I've stayed in Many Hotels over the years and by chance I've never stayed at an Oberoi Hotel before. However, I have wanted to stay at an Oberoi because a number of close friends have, all I've heard is good reviews from them.

One of the best things I can say about the Oberoi is that you do not feel like you are staying at a hotel, what I mean by that is that ever since we first arrived, we never felt like a number or just one of many. We felt invited!

The hotel was full yet it felt more like a boutique residence and an example of this was the breakfast service which was À la carte with a small area for fresh bread, juice and cereal. It was not the standard help yourself free for all food on mass.

5 star hotel in Mauritius

Image: Oberoi Mauritius guest room

Quality Counts

The Rooms at the Oberoi Mauritius are spacious, well maintained and have all the creature comforts you would expect in a 5 star establishment.

The team are kind, attentive yet not intrusive and look immaculate in their striking uniforms.

Best 5 star hotel in Mauritius

image: Oberoi Mauritius Main Dining Area

My Suggestion

A full review of the Hotel can be found in the link below

Of which the Oberoi Mauritius holds the No.1 spot and has taken it with a giant leap. My suggestion to you would be to book the spa while you are there, as the massage experience was incredible and has spurred us to consider making a "Mauritius Top 10 Spa" category for this website, of which the Oberoi Mauritius would hold the No. 1 placing with the Shanti Maurice coming in a close second with its "4 hands massage".

As I've said before in other reviews, it may seem that I am looking for fault, but it is actually the opposite! I am looking for the good, the great, and the incredible. I want to pass these amazing places on to you so that you can experience the same. The Oberoi Mauritius has delivered on many levels a great experience to me and I can happy recommend the Hotel to you. I can't wait to go back. In the next few days, I will be changing the "Top 10 Hotel" listings on this site to reflect the Oberoi Mauritius star rating.

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