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Discovering Mauritius Hotels: A Stay at the Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort

Written Tuesday, September 13, 2022 by Mauritius Life chief editor Mauritius Hotels Review

In the heart of Bel Ombre, Mauritius, the Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort offers a unique blend of hospitality and beauty, promising an unforgettable experience. Despite a minor hiccup at the Plantation Restaurant, my recent weekend stay at this serene oasis was nothing short of delightful. While it hasn't made my top 10 just yet, it's certainly on the radar.

During a previous visit for brunch and a spa day, I hadn't had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the overnight experience. This time was different, and it allowed me a comprehensive view of what the resort has to offer.

Looking across the Outrigger Bel Ombre main swimming pool
Outrigger Maurice main swimming pool

The Heart of Hospitality: Ashmita's Warm Welcome

Upon our midday arrival, we were greeted by Ashmita, whose radiant smile and efficiency elevated our experience from great to exceptional. Her assistance in navigating our dining options for the weekend was invaluable. Her presence alone hinted at the forthcoming excellence of our stay.

A Secluded Paradise with a Hint of Imperfection

The beach at Outrigger Mauritius is a picturesque setting of wide, sandy shores, complemented by the warm, shallow waters typical of Mauritius' coastal beauty. The resort's main pool, a haven for both relaxation and play, and the nearby bar area's mix of sun and shade, cater to every preference.

An aerial view of the Outrigger Bel Ombre and beach front
Outrigger Bel Ombre

However, while the setting is idyllic, the culinary journey offered room for improvement. The main bar's offerings - particularly its burgers and pizzas - stood out as the highlight. The primary buffet and other dining establishments, like the Plantation and Edgewater Restaurants, didn't quite match up in quality.

A Gentle Suggestion for the Culinary Curious

For those looking to maximize their dining experience at the resort, I recommend indulging in the main bar's lunch offerings before 5 PM and considering an early dinner there as well. This strategy ensures enjoyment of the best culinary delights available.

Looking across the Outrigger Bel Ombre infinity pool towards the sea
Outrigger Bel Ombre pool relaxation area

Given the global challenges faced by the hospitality industry, including the aftermath of COVID-19 lockdowns and the ongoing global economic pressures, some leniency can be extended. However, as the world adapts, it's crucial for establishments like Outrigger to elevate their offerings to meet and exceed their advertised star ratings.

Final Thoughts

The Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort, nestled in the stunning Bel Ombre, offers a mix of splendid views, warm hospitality, and a few areas ripe for improvement. It stands as a testament to the potential within "Mauritius hotels" to provide a memorable experience for guests. As the search for the top hotels continues, the Outrigger remains a noteworthy contender, embodying both the charm and challenges of luxury hospitality in Mauritius.

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