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Discovering Unparalleled Luxury at Oberoi Mauritius: A Gem Beyond Expectations

Updated: Mar 12

Written Tuesday, October 18, 2022 by Mauritius Life chief editor In a revelation that transforms my understanding of luxury travel, I've recently uncovered the magnificence of Oberoi Mauritius, marking a significant birthday celebration. Initially, upon arrival, my blog burst with positive first impressions of this exceptional hotel, fueling anticipation for the days ahead. The concern that early enchantment might give way to eventual disappointment is a familiar predicament. Yet, Oberoi Mauritius shattered this notion, elevating my experience beyond the imaginable.

looking across one of the immaculately kept pools at the Oberoi Mauritius
Oberoi Mauritius

Having globe-trotted and lodged at numerous prestigious hotels, it struck me as odd that Oberoi Hotels had eluded my stays until now. Fueled by glowing endorsements from dear friends who've had the pleasure, my curiosity peaked, drawing me to finally experience Oberoi's legendary hospitality.

A Personalised Haven Unlike Any Other

From the moment of our arrival, Oberoi Mauritius distinguished itself as more than a mere lodging option—it became our personalized haven. Despite its full capacity, the hotel resonated with the intimate charm of a boutique residence. This was epitomized during breakfast—a curated affair of à la carte delights alongside a select offering of fresh bread, juices, and cereals, steering clear of the conventional buffet frenzy.

image of the interior of one of the beachfornt villas at the Oberio Mauriitus
Luxury rooms at the Oberio Mauritius

Exemplary Comfort and Service

The accommodations at Oberoi Mauritius are a testament to luxury, merging spacious elegance with impeccable maintenance and all the amenities one would expect from a five-star sanctuary. The staff, with their striking attire, embody a blend of warmth, attentiveness, and professionalism that is both heartwarming and respectful of personal space.

Amidst this splendor, the hotel's spa claims a crown jewel status. Our massage experience there wasn't just remarkable; it inspired the creation of a "Mauritius Top 10 Spa" list for our website. It's with no hesitation that Oberoi Mauritius secures the top rank, closely followed by Shanti Maurice and its extraordinary "4 hands massage".

Image of a table for two dinner setting at the Oberio Mauriitus as the sun goes down on the beach
Oberio Mauritius sunset dining

A Testament to Excellence

Contrary to seeking flaws, my reviews aim to spotlight the extraordinary—the destinations that resonate with the spirit of greatness and leave an indelible mark on the heart. Oberoi Mauritius stands as a beacon of such excellence, delivering an unforgettable journey that I eagerly endorse. The anticipation of revisiting this paradise is palpable, and soon, the "Top 10 Hotel" rankings on our site will be updated to rightfully reflect Oberoi Mauritius's stellar rating.

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