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Kitesurfing in Mauritius – Experience the Thrill of the Waves

Updated: May 22, 2023

If you are looking for an exhilarating water sport that combines adrenaline and adventure, then kitesurfing in Mauritius should be on your bucket list. Known as one of the world's best kitesurfing destinations, Mauritius offers perfect conditions for beginners and advanced riders alike. In this article, we will guide you through the best kitesurfing spots, conditions, and experiences in Mauritius.

Best Kitesurfing Spots in Mauritius

  1. Le Morne - The ultimate kitesurfing spot in Mauritius, Le Morne offers consistent winds, flat water, and waves for all levels of riders. This spot is suitable for beginners and experts, with several kitesurfing schools offering lessons and rentals.

  2. Belle Mare - Located on the east coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare is a popular kitesurfing spot with constant trade winds and clear turquoise waters. This spot is perfect for freestyle and wave riding, with several kite schools and rental shops available.

  3. Anse La Raie - Located in the north of Mauritius, Anse La Raie is known for its calm waters and ideal conditions for beginners. The spot also offers some waves for intermediate and advanced riders.

Kitesurfing Conditions in Mauritius

The best time to kitesurf in Mauritius is from May to November, which is the dry season with constant trade winds blowing from the southeast. The wind speed averages between 15-25 knots, providing perfect conditions for kitesurfing. The water temperature ranges from 24-28 degrees Celsius, making it comfortable to kitesurf without a wetsuit.

Experiences for Kitesurfers in Mauritius

  1. Kite Safari - Explore the island's lagoons, reefs, and secret spots by embarking on a kite safari. You can choose from several kite schools that offer guided tours and trips to remote kitesurfing locations.

  2. Downwinders - Enjoy a thrilling downwind ride from one spot to another, while experiencing the natural beauty of the island. Several kite schools offer downwinder trips along the coast of Mauritius.

  3. Wave Riding - Test your skills by riding the waves in Mauritius. Le Morne is the ultimate spot for wave riding, with perfect conditions for advanced riders.

Kitesurfing Schools in Mauritius - Learn from the Best

If you are planning to try kitesurfing in Mauritius, choosing the right kitesurfing school is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are the top kitesurfing schools in Mauritius with their locations, age and skill ranges, and contact details.

  1. Kite Globing - Le Morne Age Range: 12+ Skill Range: Beginner to advanced Contact: Website:

  2. - Belle Mare Age Range: 8+ Skill Range: Beginner to advanced Contact: Website:

  3. Kite Camp Mauritius - Anse La Raie Age Range: 10+ Skill Range: Beginner to advanced Contact: Website:

Kitesurfing in Mauritius is an experience like no other. With perfect conditions, stunning scenery, and a range of experiences for all levels of riders, Mauritius is a must-visit destination for kitesurfers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Mauritius has something for everyone. Book your trip today and experience the thrill of the waves.

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