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Luxury Living at Heritage Villas Valriche in Mauritius

Updated: May 22, 2023

Discover the pinnacle of luxury living at Heritage Villas Valriche in Bel Ombre, one of Mauritius' most beautiful and unspoiled locations.

The estate is located on the golf course at Bel Ombre Estate, one of the best in the Indian Ocean, which provides stunning views of the surrounds.

Choose from a range of superbly built villas and serviced plots at Heritage Villas Valriche that are ideal for your needs and way of life. Whether you're looking for a permanent residence or a real estate investment opportunity, this estate has made a name for itself among Mauritius' high-end properties.

Contemporary Villas

The prestigious architectural firm Scoot + Partners' famous South African architect Greg Scoot created the limited and condensed collection of three configurations known as the modern villas. The interior and outside of these homes appear to be one, offering spacious and open living areas. They blend in perfectly with the focal point of tropical gardens

Classic Villas

The classic villas, which have 3 to 4 bedrooms in size and range in size from 260 m2 to 450 m2, were constructed by Mauritius architect Jean François Adam. These huge villas, which are now in the planning stage of development, are available for purchase and come in five various layouts.

image: Edouard Houses Valrich

Edouard Houses

There are 11 Edouard Houses available for purchase, with two different types to meet your needs: single villas at 235 square meters with four beds and double villas measuring 470 square meters with eight beds. With features like an infinity heated pool suspended in the air, suites with terraces and jacuzzis, back kitchen access, serene gardens, panoramic terraces, outdoor showers, and baths, these private villas are comparable to five-star hotels.

Serviced Plots

For those who would want to build their own home, Heritage Villas-Valriche offers a number of serviced plots. Select your building location, an architect, and a construction team to bring your vision to life. The architectural manual recommends that the design and construction of your property be perfect.

Discover Mauritius at its Finest

As a resident of Heritage Villas Valriche, you will have access to the C Beach Club and the two 5-star hotels on the grounds. Enjoy the bars, spas, a variety of eateries, and facilities for water and recreational sports. The two Seven Colours Signature Spas offer a choice of relaxing services that can be taken advantage of in the privacy of your villa. The Heritage Golf Club is a great place to play a round of golf.

The estate is next to the Frederica natural preserve. Monkeys, wild boars, parakeets, and deer can be spotted while exploring the area via 4x4, night safari, quad, buggy, walk, or discovery hike.

Investment and Expatriation Advantages

There are many benefits to buying Heritage Villas Valriche. You can obtain the status of Mauritius resident by investing in land and villas. This includes no real estate taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes, or direct inheritance taxes, a single 15% tax rate for both businesses and individuals, and unrestricted profit repatriation. Heritage Villas Valriche is a good investment for anyone wishing to diversify their portfolio due to the stable and growing economy.

Mauritius provides political and economic stability in addition to its advanced infrastructure, renowned institutions, hospitals, and clinics. Because of the small time difference with Europe and the excellent aviation connections, it is a favorable location for expatriation.

A wonderful program in Mauritius provides a luxurious residence in a desirable location with a tropical climate all year round. Heritage Villas Valriche is the name of it. It's the perfect place to relax, get some fresh air, and participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

10 Things you should know about Valriche Villas Estate

  1. In the centre of Mauritius, there is a luxurious housing development called Valriche Villas Estate.

  2. Twenty opulent villas, each with a separate garden, make up the estate.

  3. Each villa is individually created to ensure the highest levels of comfort, elegance, and quality.

  4. The estate provides unobstructed views of the magnificent Indian Ocean and the South of Mauritius's lush vegetation.

  5. The secluded beach at Valriche Villas Estate makes for a very intimate experience.

  6. A excellent vacation spot for golfers, the estate features its own exclusive golf course.

  7. The estate provides round-the-clock security to ensure everyone's safety and security.

  8. Several local services and attractions are close to the estate and may be reached on foot.

  9. A variety of opulent amenities are available at Valriche Villas Estate, including a spa, gym, swimming pool, and tennis court.

  10. The estate boasts a skilled group of committed employees who are always ready to make sure that every visitor has a very special experience.

In conclusion, if you're seeking for a permanent residence or a property investment opportunity in Mauritius, Heritage Villas Valriche is a fantastic choice. This property provides first-rate expertise, breathtaking vistas, and first-rate services. In Mauritius, it is a requirement for premium houses.The Heritage Villas-Valriche in Bel Ombre offer the chance to live luxuriously. No matter what type of property you're looking for—a contemporary villa, a traditional villa, an Edouard home, or a serviced plot—you'll find it here. In Mauritius, you can live in a beautiful place with many advantages and make a wise investment. Get in contact with us right now to learn more about this fantastic program and to make your dream of opulent life a reality.

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