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Luxury Mauritius Long-term Rental

If you are looking for a truly luxurious villa rental experience in Mauritius, you may want to consider renting this luxury property. However, be prepared to pay a premium and to jump through some hoops to get your or help your friends hands on this rare gem.

Stunning Views of the Mauritius Coast

Prepare to immerse yourself in unrivalled luxury and breathtaking beauty as you step into this magnificent villa, proudly situated in the tropical paradise of Mauritius, with resplendent views of the picturesque Le Morne. This distinguished estate, uniquely crafted to inspire awe, offers a multitude of extraordinary features that discerning buyers will appreciate.

Ensconced within this architectural marvel, are four opulent en-suite bedrooms, each one of them boasting their private balconies. These elevated havens provide panoramas of the serene landscapes, guaranteed to imprint memories of a lifetime for you and your loved ones. Strategically positioned on the uppermost level of the villa, the bedrooms perfectly capture the hypnotic allure of the horizon where sky meets the sea, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. This level is also home to an intimate retreat area, ideal for those moments when all you wish to do is unwind and let the beauty of the world around you seep in.

As you descend to the ground floor, the grand entrance unfolds into a sprawling open-concept kitchen, exuding both elegance and functionality. From state-of-the-art appliances to ample storage, it makes for the perfect setting for culinary exploration and social gatherings. Flowing seamlessly from the kitchen, the villa features a dedicated utility space, a cozy television lounge, and an inviting dining area that echoes the villa's overarching theme of luxury and comfort.

Outside, the villa presents a captivating pool area - a perfect blend of elegance and leisure. Here, you can spend your days luxuriating by the sapphire-blue waters or indulge in an al fresco dining experience under the veranda, with a well-appointed BBQ area at your disposal.

Throughout the villa, every room is a testament to tasteful sophistication, adorned with contemporary furniture, exquisite bedding, and captivating artworks, all complemented by high-quality appliances. Additionally, the villa boasts a fifth bedroom located in a separate cottage. This self-contained unit, extending over 100 square meters, offers privacy and flexibility. It could serve as an additional guest house, a secluded home office, or even a creative studio.

Spanning a total land area of 200 square meters with the main villa occupying 450 square meters, the property promises plenty of space and privacy. Importantly, the rental price also takes care of your ease and convenience by including the maintenance of both the alluring garden and the sparkling pool.

This exceptional villa in Mauritius truly stands as a beacon of luxury living, providing the ultimate sanctuary for those who appreciate opulence, privacy, and the sublime beauty of nature. With its unique blend of comfort and extravagance, we invite you to step in and experience it first-hand. Inquiries are most welcome. Go to:


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