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Navigating the Waters of Real Estate in Mauritius: A Closer Look at Industry Practices

The Ethical Landscape of Real Estate Mauritius

Have you ever navigated the complexities of working with a real estate agent? If so, you might be familiar with some of the more questionable tactics that can emerge in the field. Particularly in Mauritius, there exists a real estate agent who has perfected the art of such maneuvers.

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Wolf in sheep's clothing

I feel compelled to share this experience, spurred by my connection to the industry through my wife, Karen, who generously supports this website. Her sponsorship aims not only to enrich and educate her audience but also to gently introduce them to her services as a real estate agent in Mauritius, without any strings attached. This platform serves as a testament to her commitment to integrity and client-focused service in an industry often marred by less scrupulous practices. Karen's dedication is solely to her clients' needs, setting her apart in a realm where ethical practices are sometimes overlooked. For Karen's help in finding a property to buy or rent, or for just basic advice regarding real estate go to: or email

How Real Estate Partnerships Should Operate

The crux of the matter lies in how real estate entities should collaborate. In the realm of property transactions, be it sales or rentals, two main parties are involved: the property owner and the prospective buyer or renter. Ideally, a property listed by an owner with a real estate agency would be matched with a buyer or renter by the same agency. This scenario, while ideal, outlines a transparent transaction where each agent involved is fairly compensated by their respective party.

Unethical Real Estate Buisness Practices
Ambulance Chaser

The Pitfalls of "Ambulance Chasing" in Real Estate

A contentious issue arises with what I term "ambulance chasing" in the real estate industry. This term refers to agents who aggressively claim clients based on dubious database entries. Picture dedicating months to assisting a client, investing time in understanding their needs, only to be thwarted by another agent claiming the client was already in their database. This scenario not only undermines the effort put into client relations but also poses ethical questions regarding client representation and service.

Moreover, a particularly egregious practice involves agents directly contacting your clients under the guise of having them "on file," effectively bypassing your efforts to serve the client's interests. This approach, akin to ambulance chasing, reflects poorly on the industry's ethical standards.

Strategies for Navigating Real Estate Agency Practices

It's crucial for clients to navigate these waters carefully. Working with multiple agents is a practical approach, but indiscriminate online registration with every agency can hinder your chances of finding the right property. Agencies may claim exclusive rights to your search, complicating the process. A useful tip for prospective clients is to clearly state in any registration forms that registering your details does not preclude you from working with other agents, ensuring your freedom to explore all options.

In Conclusion

The journey of finding or selling property in Mauritius, with the help of a real estate agency, should be transparent and ethically sound. While the industry faces challenges, being informed and cautious can greatly enhance your experience.

For Karen's help in finding a property to buy or rent, or for just basic advice regarding real estate go to: or email

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