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Roti Chaud - Indian Flatbread

Roti is the staple diet here in Mauritius can be found almost anywhere in Mauritius, on the streets, at the market, anywhere! 


Roti Chaud is a traditional flatbread originating from Mauritius. The snack is essentially a roti flatbread that’s filled with rougaille (tomato-based sauce) and butter bean curry known as gros pois. The flatbread is filled, rolled into a wrap, then served with an array of pickles and chutneys.


The rotis are usually made with a combination of flour, water, oil, and salt are combined to make a soft dough that is flattened and cooked on both sides. Simple ingredients and so easy to make.


Rotis can be eaten any time of the day, for breakfast lunch, or dinner with various fillings from vegetarian to meat, from spicy to non-spicy. Trying a Roti is a must as it is the national dish.


Most street vendors will have both Roti and Dholl Puri on sale and as it’s a cheap convenient snack so why not try both!


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