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The Plantation restaurant "don’t bother"

Exploring the Delights of a Hotel Restaurant: A Culinary Journey at Outrigger Mauritius

In the world of gastronomy, a hotel restaurant often promises an extraordinary dining experience. This narrative unfolds at the plantation restaurant nestled within the Outrigger at Bel Ombre, Mauritius—a place where anticipation meets the reality of fine dining. As enthusiasts of exquisite meals, we embarked on this culinary journey on September 11th, 2022, leveraging our all-inclusive meal benefit of 1500 MUR per person for an evening that promised to tantalise our taste buds.

image taken looking onto the back terrace of the Plantation Restaurant across a pool which picks up the reflection of the restaurant on the water.
The Plantation Restaurant

An Unexpected Beginning at the Plantation

Upon our arrival, the first hiccup occurred—a brief misunderstanding about our reservation, which was swiftly resolved with a reassurance from the staff, displaying the welcoming spirit of Outrigger Mauritius. As we were escorted through the premises, it became apparent that we were pioneers for the night, with only a few other couples joining later, setting the stage for an intimate dining experience at the plantation restaurant Mauritius.

A Rocky Start to the Culinary Expedition

The initial moments brought forth a challenge—a serving of stale bread that fell short of our expectations, an unexpected prelude to the evening. The modern inconvenience of scanning a QR code for the drinks menu further complicated our quest for relaxation. Nonetheless, the promise of a delectable meal lingered in the air, guiding us forward.

My appetiser, a Dhal Puri with a Foie Gras filling, promised a fusion of lightness and flavor. Unfortunately, the dish's execution did not deliver, with the texture of the puri overshadowing the delicacy of the foie gras, resulting in a mismatched culinary duet.

An image taken looking onto diners at the Plantation Restaurant at the Outrigger Hotel Mauritius in the evening..
The Plantation Restaurant at night time

The Reign of the Sponge

The main course, however, stood out for its taste—a tenderly cooked tenderloin steak accompanied by beetroot chutney and a dollop of mashed potato, priced at 1600 MUR, reminding us of the potential held within the kitchens of Outrigger Bel Ombre Mauritius.

The dessert round, however, veered back into the realm of disappointment. The chocolate tart, paired with an underwhelming chocolate ice cream, failed to impress, hinting at a peculiar preference for sponge bases over pastry among local pastry chefs—a choice perhaps influenced by storage considerations, yet impacting the overall dessert experience.

My partner's choice of Baklava, intriguingly titled "Turkey meet Mauritius," suffered from an overemphasis on cinnamon, overshadowing the harmony of nuts and honey, a misstep in the culinary fusion dance.

Reflections on a Culinary Sojourn

Our dining adventure concluded with mixed feelings. The bill amounted to 6900 MUR, netting down to 3900 MUR after our meal allowance—a sum reflecting a spectrum of culinary hits and misses. While the ambiance and service at the hotel restaurant offered a glimpse into the potential of Outrigger's culinary offerings, the meal itself was a reminder that even in the realm of fine dining, expectations can sometimes eclipse reality.

Would we revisit or recommend this dining destination? Unfortunately, the answer leans towards the negative, as the evening fell short of our gastronomic expectations.

In Summary

  • Service: 2 out of 5

  • Food: 3 out of 5

As we look forward to dining at the Edgewater restaurant, we remain hopeful for a culinary experience that matches our passion for exceptional meals.

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