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  1. Bros before foes: This is often interpreted as prioritizing your friends before anyone who might cause conflict in your life.

  2. Admit when you're wrong: It takes strength and character to admit a mistake. This isn't just a rule for men but for everyone.

  3. Respect personal space: When in public spaces, like urinals in a men's restroom, keep a one-urinal buffer zone when possible.

  4. Don't interrupt: When someone is speaking, especially in a formal or serious conversation, allow them to finish their point before you make yours.

  5. Split the bill: Unless previously agreed upon, it's often expected that everyone will pay for their share during social outings.

  6. Don't make unsolicited comments about another's appearance: Compliments are generally welcome, but negative or overly personal comments about someone's appearance are usually inappropriate.

  7. Handle your own problems: It's generally encouraged for men to be independent and solve their own issues.

  8. Offer to help: If you see someone struggling with a task and you're able to assist, it's a good rule of thumb to offer help.

  9. Avoid personal questions: Unless you're very close with someone, avoid asking overly personal questions, especially when meeting for the first time.

  10. Hold doors open: Though this is a common courtesy for anyone, many people still appreciate this small act of kindness.

  11. Stand up for handshakes: In many cultures, it's considered polite to stand when shaking someone's hand.

  12. Offer your seat to those in need: If you see someone who might need a seat more than you do, such as an elderly person, pregnant woman, or someone with a disability, offer your seat to them.

  13. Be punctual: Being on time for appointments, meetings, and events shows respect for others' time.

  14. No talking at the movies: Talking during a movie can disturb others who are trying to watch.

  15. Keep secrets secret: If someone trusts you with personal information, it's your responsibility to keep it to yourself.

  16. Stay humble: While it's okay to be proud of your achievements, boasting can often come off as arrogant or insensitive.

  17. Respect boundaries: If someone has set boundaries, it's important to respect them.

  18. Don't gossip: Speaking poorly of others, especially behind their back, is generally considered to be in poor taste.

  19. Take responsibility: When things go wrong, it's important to own up to your part in it.

  20. Practice good hygiene: Cleanliness and personal grooming are signs of self-respect and respect for those around you.

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