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Education in Mauritius: An Insight into Le Bocage International School

Le Bocage International School (LBIS), nestled in the serene landscapes of Moka, Mauritius, represents a beacon of excellence in international education. Since its inception in 1990, LBIS has been dedicated to offering a holistic education experience to students aged 11-19. The school's motto, "Quod Bono Est Bonos Facit," which translates to "That which is good creates good people," encapsulates its mission to nurture well-rounded individuals.

Aerial view looking down onto the grounds of the Le Bocage International School
Le Bocage International School Campus

As a private international school, LBIS has cultivated a rich academic environment that emphasizes the English language as its medium of instruction. It prides itself on being an IBO school, offering the International Baccalaureate Program for the Middle Years (Forms 1–5) and the Diploma years (Forms 6–7), alongside preparing students for the IGCSE and International Baccalaureate examinations. This rigorous academic framework is supported by a diverse curriculum that prepares students for higher education both in Mauritius and abroad.

The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including over forty teaching rooms, four science laboratories, three computer rooms, two art studios, three Design & Technology workshops, and a large library housing around 9,500 resources. Outdoor facilities are equally impressive, featuring a playing field, outdoor hard court surfaces, and a multi-purpose sports hall that also serves as an auditorium for various events, including International Night and the Graduation Ceremony.

An imgae looking onto a study are in Le Bocage International School
Le Bocage International School study areas

LBIS's enrollment boasts approximately 750 students across Middle School and High School, with a faculty of about 80. The student body is remarkably diverse, comprising around twenty-seven nationalities, with the majority being bilingual and 89% Mauritian. This diversity enriches the learning environment, promoting global understanding and cultural exchange.

The school is accredited by the Mauritian Ministry of Education and is a fully accredited member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). Its governance is overseen by PROGOS, a non-profit making company dedicated to providing English medium international education. The board of directors delegates the school's management to the Headmaster, ensuring a clear and focused educational vision.

LBIS's teaching staff includes approximately seventy qualified teachers, many of whom hold postgraduate qualifications. The school also employs three librarians, a careers counsellor, a guidance counsellor, and a Special Educational Needs team, highlighting its commitment to comprehensive student support.

A group at pupils in class at Le Bocage International School
Le Bocage International School pupils

The academic program at LBIS is designed to cater to three developmental levels of learning: Forms 1–3 follow a Contents Standards Framework Curriculum, Forms 4–5 prepare for the IGCSE examinations, and Forms 6–7 engage in the IB Diploma Programme or B-TECH program focusing on Business or Physical Education. In recent years, the school achieved a 95.5% success rate in the International Baccalaureate examination, a testament to its academic excellence.

In conclusion, Le Bocage International School stands as a premier institution for education in Mauritius, embodying a commitment to creating good people through a comprehensive and inclusive educational approach. Its diverse and supportive environment, coupled with a rigorous academic curriculum, prepares students for the challenges of the future, making it a cornerstone of education in Mauritius​.

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