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Ennea Golf Villas

Updated: May 22, 2023

The Ennéa Golf Villas at Azuri are designed to offer you an exclusive lifestyle experience in the luxury of an island villa set beside the manicured greens of a world-class 9-hole signature par 3 golf course, within a vibrant seaside village.

Living by the seaYear round summer elegance, a touch of “La Dolce Vita”, a palette of chic hobbies, cosmopolitan conviviality, an animated village lifestyle:

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village has set out to being the finest legendary seaside destination in the Indian Ocean.Evocative of an exotic version of the French Riviera, offering genuine comfortinspired by a refreshing and luminous setting; the ingredients for living by the sea have been encapsulated here.

Playing the green

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is becoming more attractive. An exciting golf experience is being created to enhance the substantial array of rec-reational diversions within the village. Set along the river heights, this 9-hole jewel of a course is conceived to appeal to golfers of every level, looking to play a round of golf on an exceptional course built to the highest international standards.*The concept for this golf course is to provide the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to benefit from the shorter distance and playing time of a 9-hole course, while enjoying the wonderful game of golf.

The Nine - Azuri Golf Course is the perfect place for family and friends to take pleasure in wholesome time spent together, as well as occasions for business matches between clients and associates, or for the keen player looking to engage in a quick round of golf.Each hole offers its own stimulating combination of challenges that contribute to the pleasure of the game, every time it is played. These include well-positioned markers, bunkers and water features; tee offs and shots across the river; relaxing walks in the nature; and a convivial clubhouse replete with restaurant and pro golf shop.

The Ennéa Golf Villas are situated on a 1.25 hectare stretch of land that faces the holes #7 and #8 of The Nine - Azuri Golf Course, and they encompass 22 semi detached villas having views toward the west or the northwest of the island. The plots are sized between 364 m2 and 474 m2and the villas are approximately 160 m2for a 3-bedroom villa.

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