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Updated: May 22, 2023

Since the Covid-19 global pandemic, the cost of a flight to Mauritius from South Africa has increased significantly along with pretty much all air travel prices. There are over 50 flights a week coming in from; Cape Town to Mauritius, Durban to Mauritius, and Johannesburg to Mauritius with 1000's taking the trip to Mauritius from South Africa. South Africa to Mauritius flights are covered by 3 main airline operators; Air Mauritius, South African Airlines (SAA), and Emirates.

Since I arrived in Mauritius and settled on the West Coast of the Island I have discovered that my chosen region to live in is also known as "little Durban"! The Black River area is primarily populated by local Creoles but is a firm favourite location for South Africans to live.

I'm from the UK and there aren't many of us on the island. That said, South Africans are plentiful here, and at most of the social events and venues in the West you will hear an abundance of Afrikaan accents.

Tamarin and Black River hug the West Coastline but have a beautiful backdrop of mountains that follow the same contours. Speaking to some of my South African they say this part of Mauritius with its mountains reminds them of South Africa. Perhaps that explains why the smell of Brai's can be experienced so regularly! The island even has several branches of the famous meat shop Biltong with imported Beef from SA to cater to those wanting a feel and taste of home.

Why not hear this first hand from a South African living in Mauritius by going to:

Setting up a business here in Mauritius is relatively straightforward in my experience in comparison to other countries and it does seem that the standard red tape you would expect is reduced drastically, especially if you use a Management Company such as BGT to assist you in its creation. You can find out more by going to:

There are also several Mauritius visa and residency permit options available to you which you can find out more about by going to our section on this website

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