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What Made Me Become A Mauritius Real Estate Agent

Updated: May 22, 2023

Mauritius Real Estate

Although I have been working in and with the real estate sector now for over 13 years my background is not from this industry. My 30+ year career was in hairdressing where I worked my way up from a Saturday girl in a small UK salon to an owner of a small chain of award-winning salons. My focus as a salon owner was to train my (over 40) stylists and staff to the highest levels possible in both technical skills and customer care for which I was rewarded by receiving industry-recognised awards and loyal clients.

Having sold my businesses and moved overseas, when I first arrived in Mauritius with my husband I came intending to not work, (or a least for a while any, as I am a person who always wants to keep busy!).

We first rented a property on the Island having met a girl that worked for an agency. This was my best experience working with agents and funnily enough, the same girl works as part of my team now.

The property we first moved into was beachfront and had been recently renovated we were told. However that wasn't the case, it was evident within only a few months we had made a mistake and needed help. That's when I began to discover what levels of customer care in real estate exist in Mauritius. This education continued when we looked for our second property and at that point, I realised that "if this is what customer care is" then I was going to do it myself!

If you have been looking for a property to rent or even buy you will have no doubt come across the issue of enquiring about a property to be told that "this one is no longer available, but we do have............". This is, in many cases, agents leaving a property on their system that they know will bring in calls and inquiries. Even worse, you may have turned up for viewing to a property you picked out only to be told on the day "the one you enquired about is gone, but we do have these to view".

As I said earlier, I pride myself on customer care and insist it is a priority with all of my team. My greatest asset is my happy clients and I have many now that come to me all as renters, buyers, and owners. My customers are my best marketing.

If you are looking for an agent that does care and that will always go the extra mile I'm here for you.


+230 5846 8435

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