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Mauritius Nightlife


“For me, the Mauritian social scene can seem somewhat hidden but although not overly frequented by Mauritian locals there are some great places to meet people and indulge in a drink or two!

Below you will see a selection of places I have enjoyed socialising with family and friends and I’m happy to recommend it to you as a place to drink and not necessarily as a restaurant (see Mauritius Top 10 Restaurants). These are of course to my own taste and I’m not guaranteeing the same response for yourself. Nevertheless, I cannot recommend what I haven’t tried.”





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When visiting the North for the weekend we asked local and expat friends, where is the best place to go for drinks, music and dancing? The only answer to that was 'The Banana Beach Club'!

Located in the heart of Grande Baie just behind the beach and built around a beautiful and enchanting Royal Poinciana tree, with wooden furniture and a bamboo style bar, the Banana Beach Club feels rustic and authentic.


The back half of the Banana Bar is a Grill style restaurant which I have only heard good things about, but on this occasion we did not get to try. At the front of the Bar is a stage which hosts local musicians and bands on a Friday and Saturday night, the music is very good and creates a friendly island vibe.

At about 22:00 the dance floor invites its first guests and quickly before you realise it the floor is full of life. At 23:00 the band is replaced by a DJ and even the more shy dancers, like myself can't help themselves!

The crowd is a wonderful mix locals, expats and usually holiday goers find the famous Banana Beach Club. However during covid the bar has been quieter like much of the island.



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Tamarins very own Big Willy's describes itself as a sports bar, night club, restaurant, and beer garden, there is something for everyone. It has large sport screens and great sound systems, boardwalk with outdoor seating, an indoor karaoke bar/rave cave and sometimes 2 DJ's, all this is surrounded by well kept gardens.


Big, as the name indicates, must be one of the largest nightclubs on the island making it very spacious even when there's a big crowd.



We were recommended The Tavern by a friend who had lived in Grand Baie for a number of years when we asked if he knew of any pubs that would be showing a rugby match we wanted to see whilst we were staying in the north for a week with family and friends.

The drinks selection is comprehensive and not overly priced which goes for the food on offer as well. Each of us enjoying good pub-style dishes such as pork ribs and buffalo wings which always go down well whilst watch sports.

The owner Michelle made us feel very welcome and we enjoyed the whole experience and wouldn't hesitate to go back when to do the same trip in the future.

The only unfortunate thing was that the evening was not very well attended by others and with the Tavern having such a large open space as a bar and dining area, it made it seem overly quiet. Michelle did say that things usual got lively later into the evening. For me, during the Covid-19 period in Mauritius everywhere became quiet.

Call: +230 5766 9789

Email: Not available



The Cloud Rooftop Bar is another one of Grand Baie's well kept secrets. Situated inside the Hibiscus Hotel in Perybere, once you have found it you will never forget it!

On the top floor of a 4 story building The Cloud really does make it feel as though you are up in the sky, with one of the best 180 degree sunset views I have experienced in Mauritius.


Once you get to the top of the stairs you are desperate for an ice cold beer or fruity cocktail, I certainly was.

One of the best things about The Cloud is you can walk in straight from the beach barefoot or you can dress up for sundowners before dinner and feel perfectly comfortable and welcome either way. 


Much of the furniture in the bar has been created from up-cycled barrels and various other objects.

The Cloud usually has live music on a Friday and Saturday evening. On the few times I have visited I have seen a mix of international and local pianists, guitarists and DJ's setting the mood for the evening.

I recommend ordering some of The Clouds Tapas dishes, you will not be disappointed they are delicious. 

Call: +230 5498 0466




The Jungle is a fairly new addition to the Grand Baie Nightlife scene and if you are unfamiliar with the location you will never know it exists unless you stumble upon it late of a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. It recently opened in November 2019. Do not be fooled by the location of 'La Botteghita', a quaint little street front Italian restaurant, because in the evening around 22:00PM it quickly transforms into 'The Jungle Bar'!


As soon as the disco ball is lowered, the DJ decks are fired up and the drinks from the bar start flowing 'The Jungle' is the perfect place to socialise, enjoy a drink of your choice and get your groove on. 

The Jungle hosts a variety of DJ's who create a groovy, energetic, disco style atmosphere. Including their very own Alex Dalais. As well as DJing he manages the bar and makes the guests feel very welcome. 


This slightly retro, wild and international vibe is different to the other bars and clubs in the North of Mauritius making The Jungle quite a unique spot to the island.

The Jungle serves classic drinks and cocktails as well as an array of local beers and cocktails. If you are looking to eat you must arrive slightly earlier before this pretty little Italian restaurant transform into a groovy disco bar. Their pizza's and pastas are delicious.

Call: +230 263 1635

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